Wednesday, 18 December 2013


It was one of the usual mornings
I reached my station early
I decided to take a bus
To prevent all the rickshaw fuss
I took a seat in the corner, and
saw a beautiful walking towards the bus
She stumbled a few steps
fumbled on a few words
She had to go to equal opportunity cell
Indeed she knew her way very well
I saw the movements of her hands
and, realized she was different from the thousands..
The bus started moving finally
as I wandered my gaze from her, I saw
in the row next to me
sat four boys, two in anger, two in glee
I notice the one arguing
probably very charming but still very ugly
Then the two who were happy
were deprived from the beautiful world to see
It gave my thoughts some fuel
I wondered- “How can life be so unreasonably cruel?”

We search for things to inspire us
and we ignore the things that matters
Both the boys & the girl were surely leading a difficult life
with each moment testing them with a knife
They were brave, I can surely say
After all, they have traveled a long way
Had I would have been them, I might have lost all my hope
And ruined, all of my life’s scope..

Just then my stop was announced
and this journey came to an end
I could feel now more driven for my goals
More passionate to achieve all ends
These 20 minutes of journey made my day
The usual path, transformed into an unusual way..

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