Wednesday, 18 December 2013



I was going for a trip
With some friends, on way to happy ends!
In the bus we started singing
Soon all of us started mingling
All new faces, All new buddies
But I never liked strangers, so I stayed far.
Soon the bus halted, for food we stopped
One after another for dinner we hopped
My leg slipped from a stair
I cried in anguish and despair
A girl came with a bandage
She washed my cut and wrapped it
I never knew her before, we just met in the bus
I realised, I was wrong, to make all that fuss
I never liked meeting strangers, to hangout with them

But 'I saw' her kindness, 'I learnt' keeping perceptions is bad..


It is the first institution to where we belong
Where we grew in knowledge, from short to long..
We learnt to mend our broken hearts
To wipe our friends' tears, keeping ours apart
We learnt the inventions of Galileo and Ramanujan
However interesting, bunking was still our profession!
We played pranks, we broke rules
Sometimes we were caught, sometimes we made their fool !
We dreamed of visiting world, from 'Kerala' to 'Rome'
But 'Our School' was definitely our second home..
We went with some dreams, and came out with some new ones..
But those '12 years' gave us memories to remember forever..

'I saw' fears, losses and disappointments; 'I learnt' to move on, to accept, to achieve all ends..


Going for government work is a complete no-no,
But when my mom says I have to go
We went to MCD office to pay tax
But there was a huge line, no place to even breath..
I saw a group of people standing outside
I went there, a lady was seeing everywhere
She had lost her husband somewhere..
She looked perturbed, she was sweating..
He didn't had any cellphone, or any means of communication.
She was deeply moved, but was smiling
She was suffering, but was hiding.
She looked old, he was her only support
We searched him everywhere, he was gone.
At last we sat and waited for him to come.
But he didn't, we were stunned.
Suddenly, somebody called her name
She saw, her husband was standing at the gate.
We felt relieved, she smiled with tears
I was happy, she blessed me later..

'I saw' her tears, 'I learnt' there are emotions beyond words..
'I saw' her smiling, 'I learnt' there is no situation that can't be dealt with happy emotions

In all life taught me many things, 
'I saw' good moments, bad moments.
Happy times, sad times..
Gloomy days, lovely life

But 'I learnt' that life tests us in many ways, but in the end our courage, our determination, our willpower succeeds all!!
Just keep smiling :)

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